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By purchasing The Listing Agent online course, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Product Description and Payment Terms: The live listing agent training starts with a 14 day free trial then cost $159 per month. You can cancel at anytime, refunds will only be provided in case of mistakes or for any requests for refunds on charges in the last 30 days. The Listing Agent Blueprint is an online course that provides six modules of video training, with downloadable resources. The blueprint is sold for a one time price of $349. We offer a money-back guarantee as long as you don't login to the portal. Once you log into the blueprint portal, there will be no refund for the $349 charge. Lastly, we offer our listing agent implementation for $2,497 which includes a year of live training, blueprint, and additional calls to setup your system. The implementation is nonrefundable after we do the zoom call, you can receive your money back at anytime before the call.

2) Business Information: The Listing Agent is a business with its address located at 11027 1st Ave, Whittier, CA 90603. Our contact information is Patty Hernandez (562) 265-3868.

3) CRM Usage and Charges: Our CRM includes additional charges for text and email on a per-usage basis, and free credits are not included. Each phone number purchased is $1.40/month. $10 will produce about 750 calls, 1,000 texts, and 10,000 emails before recharging (all subject to change, please reference costs in the CRM settings under "Billing").

4) Instant Access: Once you purchase The Listing Agent online course, you will receive instant access to your Kajabi training portal with all videos and resources. If selected, you will also receive your CRM login and weekly training invites with Angel and his team.

5) Course Description and Downloadable Content: The Listing Agent online course includes six modules that last about an hour each. The modules cover how to use a seller net sheet, how our marketing and branding works, our listing presentation, managing a team, running open houses, and going over sales and objections. You will also receive downloadable content, including Agent Prospecting tracker, Seller Net Sheet, Agenda, Listing Presentation, and Marketing Materials. If selected, you will also be provided with a CRM to use with the ability to run ads.

6) Refund Policy: We offer a 30-day refund policy if you never logged into the system. We also provide a 30-day free trial of ongoing live training and CRM to use if selected by the purchaser. You can cancel at anytime through your crm portal or by messaging us via text at 562-265-3868 or email via

7) Target Audience: The Listing Agent online course is designed for real estate agents and professionals in the real estate industry.

8) Copyright Infringement: All information included in The Listing Agent online course is owned by The Listing Agent and Angel and Patty Hernandez, including all their affiliates. No information is allowed to be resold as your own. Any and all damages caused to The Listing Agent from resale or copyright infringement will be paid back in full, including all downloadable resources.

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